Lifejacket Requirement Changes

Lifejacket Requirement Changes

Due to changes in the regulations under the Health Protection and Promotion act for public pools, Wild Waterworks will now require anyone 10 years of age and under to wear an approved lifejacket/PFD in the Wave Action Pool and Eazy River.

In addition, the guardian (or designated person 16 years of age or older) of a children 10 years old and under must be within arm’s reach of at all times while in the water, under the following supervision ratios. This must be adhered to under the same regulations.

Wild Waterworks will have a lifejacket/PFDs available on first-come first-serve bases free of charge for patron use. They will be located on racks near the Wave Action Pool. Staff will be available to assist with sizing and answer questions. Wild Waterworks will also allow patrons to bring in their own approved Lifejacket/PFD/PFD for use in the Wave Action Pool and Eazy River as supplies are limited.

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