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Accessibility Guide

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Wild Waterworks (WWW) Accessibility Guide

Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) Policy Statement and Organizational Commitment

HCA is committed and guided by the four (4) core principles of Dignity, Independence, Integration and Equal Opportunity and supports the full inclusion of persons as set out in Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005.

HCA shall use every effort to ensure that we meet the needs of people with disabilities, in a timely manner, through the implementation of this policy.

WWW encourages those requiring assistance or accommodations to contact us in advance to communicate their needs.


Both the individual with a disability and the support person receive a discounted rate of admission to Wild Waterworks.


Accessible parking is located in the main parking lot.  Parking is available on a first come first serve basis.  A valid permit is required to be displayed as the lot is monitored by City of Hamilton by-law enforcement.

Support Persons

Wild Waterworks i welcomes persons with disabilities including those who are accompanied by a support person.

The support person will be accessible to the person they are accompanying at all times.

Staff will ensure that both persons are entitled to enter the premises together and that the person with a disability is not prevented from having access to the support person while on the premises.

Service Animals

Wild Waterworks allows patrons who require the assistance of a service animal to accompany them while they are visiting the park.

No Animals of any kind are not allowed in the park, except for legally-defined service animals or as may otherwise be required by law to assist those with disabilities (as defined by the Access for Ontarians with Disabilities Act or other applicable laws).  If you claim to have a legally-qualifying “service animal” you will be required to verify its legitimacy.

Even if a “service animal” is verified, and allowed to enter the park, please be aware that you are still responsible for controlling it at all times.  At no time are Wild Waterworks staff allowed to take control of a service animal.

A service animal is also prohibited from all rides and pools due to safety and hygiene requirements. Please understand that we may require removal of your service animal from park property if it poses a threat to persons or property, including without limitation, if it is unruly, threatening, aggressive (barking, snarling, biting at patrons, etc.) and/or if you are unable to control your animal at all times.

Service animal relief areas are provided outside the main gate. Please clean up any mess and place it in a sealed bag and deposit in the nearest waste receptacle

It is prohibited to leave animals in a car while patrons enjoy the Park; in such event, animal control (or other government authority) may be called, and your car forcibly entered into, in order to attend to the health or safety needs of an animal. You will have to pay all such costs involved in the rescue of any pet left in a car, and may face penalties as directed by the law.

Use of Water Slides

Wild Waterworks must comply with safety requirements and other applicable guidelines outlined by TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) and slide manufacturers in order to ensure the safety of all patrons.  All patrons must be able to enter and exit the slides independently without endangering the safety of themselves, other patrons or staff.

Tube Slides

Riders must have the cognitive and physical ability to hold themselves in an upright seated position within the vehicle and be able to grasp both the handles of tube throughout the course of the ride. Persons with heart conditions, neck or back problems, pregnant women and those under the influence of drugs or alcohol should not be permitted to use the ride.

Body Slides

Riders must have the cognitive and physical ability to be able to safely ride the entire course of the ride keeping hands and arms inside the flume. Persons with heart conditions, neck or back problems, pregnant women and those under the influence of drugs or alcohol should not be permitted to use the ride.


The turf area, change rooms, washrooms, First Aid room, Waves concession, Ollie’s Landing Concession,  Eazy River, Little Squirtworks, and East slides (Kamikaze, Corkscrew, Vertigo & Sidewinder)  (pending above mentioned safety guidelines can be met) are wheelchair accessible.

Breakers Restaurant, West Slides (Blue Demon and Night Rider) are not accessible.

The Wave pool has an entry depth of Zero (0). Patrons may enter the pool provided their wheelchair is removed while they are in the Wave pool.  It is recommended that patrons requiring wheelchairs exit the pool while the wave cycle is on.

Lines and Queuing

Due to the unique nature of our attractions we do not offer front of the line or skip the line passes.  All patrons must wait in the standard ride queuing which may include waiting on stairs.

Pregnancy/Expectant Mothers

For the protection of yourself and your unborn child you are not permitted to ride any of our water slides.

Artificial Limbs/ Prosthesis

Artificial limbs must be secured or removed prior to riding

Artificial limbs that do not have any exposed metal parts are permitted on the slides

To ensure safety, height restrictions will be enforced and could prevent patrons from riding.

Braces and Casts

Patrons with braces/casts that restrict movement in their leg (knee) or arm (elbow), full casts, are not permitted on any water slide

Patrons with casts that do not restrict movement may ride the water slides as long as there are no sharp objects on the brace or cast, and that it will not drag or rub along the slide while riding.

Patrons will still be required to demonstrate that they are able to enter/exit the attraction without assistance.

It is recommended that you defer your visit until the cast is removed.

Oxygen Tanks

Oxygen tanks are allowed in the waterpark except for the slides, wave pool or Eazy River.

Hearing Devices

Hearing devices may be damaged by water on slides, pools, and river. Patrons are to take necessary precautions to protect these items.

Attraction Closure

Closure of attractions may occur due to but not limited to mechanical issues, fouling, power failure, lightening, medical emergency.

In the event of a closure notification will be provided over the PA system, via signage, on the website and verbally to patrons and by any other method that may be reasonable under the circumstances.


In the event that an evacuation of Wild Waterworks is required waterpark staff will direct patrons to the most efficient exit.  Wild Waterworks staff will assist guest as required.

Tube Rentals

Wild Waterworks has a limited number of clear rental tubes available for rent on a first come first serve basis.  Notification is provided verbally, via signage when the tubes have sold out.

There are a limited number of complimentary pink tubes available for the Eazy River, East and West tube slides on first come first serve basis.  Wild Waterworks staff may limit the use of the pink tubes as required to ensure that everyone is provided with the experience of the attraction.

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