Wave Pool

680 Van Wagners Beach Road
Hamilton, ON, L8E 3L8
Phone: 905-547-6141
Toll Free: 1-800-555-8775

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Wave Pool

Ride the waves in one of Canada’s largest outdoor wave pools. Over five million litres of heated water splashes down every minute. Splash around in our most popular attraction!

With a sloped entry, the wave pool is a family friendly pool that caters for all ages and abilities.

Wave Pool Rules and Regulations​
  • Anyone 10 years of age and under must wear an approved lifejacket/PFD in the Wave Action Pool.
  • Diving and/or jumping is not permitted.
  • Ladders located in the deep end of the Wave Pool are to be used as an exit only.
  • Do not enter or exit the Wave Pool via the roped-off areas.
  • Walking on the lifeguard bulkhead or sitting under the ropes is not permitted.
  • Eating, drinking or smoking on the pool deck (within 6ft) is not permitted.
  • Only government-approved life jackets/PFD’s may be worn for personal floatation. Water wings and other non-approved items are only permitted in Little Squirt Works and Lagoon area of the Eazy River.
  • Only clear Wild Waterworks tubes are permitted in the Wave Pool.
  • Fins, snorkels and other water toys are not permitted in the wave pool.
  • Persons that are not toilet-trained or are incontinent are required to wear swim rated diapers.

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