Swimwear Policy

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What's New

Proper bathing attire is required in all water attractions. No street clothes Permitted.

  • All males (regardless of age) must wear bathing suit shorts.
  • Women must have one or two-piece swimming suits.
  • Undergarments/boxer shorts are not allowed for health and sanitation reasons.
  • The following types of shorts are not considered bathing suits:
    • Unlined gym shorts (basketball type shorts)
    • Cargo shorts
    • Pants of any kind
    • Jean shorts
    • Cut off shorts
  • Swimwear with metal rivets, buttons, buckles, snaps, zippers or sharp objects will not be permitted on the slides as it damages the rides and could potentially injure riders
  • Persons that are not toilet trained, or those who are incontinent, are required to wear swim rated diapers

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