Body Slides

Body Slides

The fun continues with the heart pounding twists and turns of the park's six-story high body slides; Corkscrew and Kamikaze!

Height and Weight Restrictions
  • Corkscrew and Kamikaze: Guest must be taller than: 42 inches (107 centimetres); Weight Restriction: under 300lbs (136kg) as per manufacturer safety regulations.

Corkscrew and Kamikaze

Rider Safety Information
  • For safety reasons, pregnant women and persons with heart conditions or back trouble shall not ride the slide as per manufacturer safety regulations
  • When riding the body slides, sit up or lay on back; feet first only.
  • When riding the tube slides, slides must be ridden facing forward. Stay seated in the inner tube for the entire ride and keep a firm grip on both handles with the palms facing down. The heavier guest must ride in the back of the double tube.
  • No doubles or trains on slides.
  • No stopping on slides.
  • No goggles, sunglasses, eyeglasses, t-shirts or life jackets allowed on body slides.
  • Exit tube slide splash pool immediately after ride. No sitting on steps.

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