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Wild Waterworks Park Weather Suspension Policy

Wild Waterworks makes every effort to open the park rain or shine. Wild Waterworks may delay the park’s opening, close the park early, or make other changes to the posted facility schedule when guest safety, staffing levels or other operational concerns make it necessary to do so.  Delays and closures will be posted on the website as soon as possible.

For your safety, we reserve the right to suspend operations temporarily during inclement weather, such as a thunderstorm/lightning, dangerous weather, high winds, low attendance or cold temperatures. Attractions may reopen when the safety of customers and employees is assured.

If we hear thunder or see lightening in close proximity to our park, or experience other unsafe conditions, we will suspend all activities and all attractions will be closed for a minimum of 30 minutes after the last sounding of thunder and or/visual observation of lightening.  During this time, we welcome you to enjoy a meal at one of our concessions until such weather passes.

In the event that the attractions are closed for 90 minutes or more due to inclement weather and the guest has all of their belongings together at the exit, guests may exchange their wristbands for a pass. If the attractions reopen after the 90 minute weather suspension passes will no longer be issued. Wild Waterworks retains the right to delay the issuing of passes if there is a reason to believe the park may reopen. Passes will not be provided if the park closes within 90 minutes of our published closing time.

Should the suspension of park operations due to inclement weather occur before 4:00pm, guests may be issued an all-day pass to return another day.  Should the suspension of park operations due to inclement weather occur after 4:00pm, guests may be issued a sundown pass to return another day.  Passes will not be handed out after the park has been cleared of all patrons and the park closed.

Wristbands must be surrendered to be issued a pass. Passes do not have an expiry date on them and can be used at any time.

Locker, tube, and lifejacket rentals are non-refundable and not eligible for replacement under the Park Weather Suspension Policy.

Wild Waterworks does not give monetary refunds due to inclement weather or facility closure

The following are not eligible for a pass to return:

  • Guests who leave without exchanging their wristband on the day of their original visit
  • Guests who do not have their original admission wristband
  • Season pass holders
  • Specific group admissions

Wild Waterworks reserves the right to suspend any and all park activities without notice. All decisions are final

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